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Licensed Psychologist & Family Therapist

4050 Washington Rd • Mc Murray, PA 15317 • 724-942-4490

EMDR for Post-Traumatc Stress Disorder (PSTD)

In life, awful and upsetting things happen to people and afterwards some of them have flashbacks, nightmares and intrusive negative thoughts that take them back to that awful and upsetting day!  Maybe this kind of thing is happening to you or someone you know…

  • Have you been in an auto accident or fire?
  • Has a friend of yours died?
  • Have you had a family member injured while in Iraq or Afghanistan?
  • Have you seen domestic violence?
  • Have you been victimized?

If you've been traumatized, I can help.

All of these kinds of situations can cause a person to become traumatized and can drastically affect them for many years AFTER the incident.  When a trauma occurs, all of the sights, sounds, thoughts, and feelings of that moment get “locked” into the person’s mind and nervous system.  This is called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

For example, imagine that a young woman is driving home from work, she stops at a stop sign and her car is hit from behind.  At the moment of the accident a certain song is playing on the radio. That song gets “locked” into her mind and nervous system along with all the upsetting feelings with which it is associated.  If she hears that song one year later, the whole experience of the auto accident may suddenly come back and she becomes distressed and overwhelmed.  If you knew this woman, would you tell her about a method of treatment that could help her greatly?  You probably would.

The method of treatment is called EMDR—Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

When I do EMDR with a client who has been traumatized, the treatment “unlocks” the mind and the nervous system so that healing can occur. I am there to guide the process; the client’s own natural healing process is very powerful, and it takes over to restore healthier function. It is an amazing thing to watch.

This method has been has clinically tested and proven to be very effective in helping some traumatized people to feel better and live satisfying lives.  I have found that it can make a dramatic difference in the lives of certain clients. 

If you have been suffering as the result of a traumatic experience, I can help you heal.  It takes courage to face down our demons and to ask for help, but I believe that you will be very glad you did.

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