Licensed Psychologist & Family Therapist

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Licensed Psychologist & Family Therapist

4050 Washington Rd • Mc Murray, PA 15317 • 724-942-4490

Troubled Teens

You work very hard to keep your teen on track. 

  • Are you overwhelmed when trying to decide how to handle your young person now that he/she is a teenager?
  • Are you confused about what’s “normal” behavior for a teenager?
  • Have you found evidence of drug or alcohol abuse?
  • Do you find yourself wondering why he/she is often quiet, angry, apathetic, distracted, or hyper?

Dr. Elizabeth can help.

Raising a child is like no other challenge on earth, and a teenager is often a mystery

Many self-help resources can be useful but often parents need specific and straightforward advice that is geared toward them and their current concerns.  Each family’s situation is unique.  In my therapy office, I will teach you coping and management strategies based on your own family’s needs and preferences.

Family therapy can be a promising option for parents worried about:

  • a child that is being bullied
  • a teen that is defiant, negative and/or moody
  • difficulties adjusting after a divorce or remarriage
  • siblings who are constantly fighting
  • a teen who has academic or social interaction problems
  • disagreement between parents about discipline and/or parenting method
  • other family difficulties

If you would like to get some tips on how to talk to your teenager when he/she seems withdrawn, I can help.  If you and your young person are in conflict, I can guide you.  If you are seeing “red flags” in terms of your teen’s behavior, mood or preferences, I can help you assess the potential danger.

I can help you to sort out these complicated situations by giving you simple guidelines.  For example, I often tell parents to zero in on those issues that affect the child’s health or safety. 

I feel confident that I can help to support and reassure you and point you in a better direction.  I know that most parents work very hard to keep their children on track.  I can help you as a parent to find the most effective ways to teach and guide your children.

Useful link:  Article Parenting: The Teen years by APA